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Oxin Nutrition Vegan Plant Protein Contains The Purest Form of the Two Most Potent Vegan Protein Made from a blend of the highest quality pea protein and brown rice protein, making it easy to digest and completely Vegan friendly. Loaded with all 9 essential amino acids plus branched-chain amino acids Proven in studies to make you feel fuller for longer than dairy proteins Excellent source of highly biologically available nutrients. Shown in studies to boost metabolism and speed up fat loss Rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate and energize your whole body.

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  • Clean Composition: Vegan plant protein powder by Oxin Nutrition is composed in a clean fashion with no stimulants like soy, dairy, or gluten to trigger unwanted allergic reactions.

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6 reviews for Oxin Nutrition Vegan Isolate Protein

  1. rohan

    I ordered two 450gm packs…! To make it full 1kg I added 100gm channa sattu to whole content. I have a high metabolism and I am a hard gainer. Also I also have little issues with frequent milk intakes during odd times in day. Besides being a vegetarian, I also wanted to avoid animal products unnecessarily. Anyways, I took half a scoop after waking up in the morning, half after the workout in the evening, and half before sleeping at night (sometimes with hot turmeric milk). I was able to see excellent results, trust me…! My excercise time, intensity, recovery days, etc also did a major part. Taste will not be comparable with all other sugar induced supplements out there. I found it acceptable and great. But, it will be an issue for first four days only and eventually physical results with take over your desire for sweet and satisfying taste. I feel that this is going to be my permanent choice for protein supplement.

  2. Anurag Tomar

    After switching to a vegan life style, I shifted to this vegan plant protein by Oxin nutrition. And I believe this is ideal for gym entusiasts, runners and athletes who are trying to bridge their protein gap.

  3. Rishabh sharma

    I’ve tried a lot of vegan proteins in the past.
    this one surely surpasses them all in the taste factor.
    I’ve also recently purchased their EAA as well which also is one of the best tasting products out there.

    (pink guava in case your wondering)

  4. Neeta

    Great Vegan Protein

  5. Preet S

    Perhaps the best protein

  6. Amit

    On the basis of taste its absolutely amazing and not like any other protein. It even smells delicious. I’m very satisfied and I highly recommend this. The best thing about this is it’s vegan!!! Also, I’m getting good results after using it.

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