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Oxin Nutrition

Oxin® Nutrition Maca Root Extract Veg Capsules

Oxin® Nutrition Maca Root Extract Veg Capsules

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  • BOOSTS REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Oxin Maca Root Capsule is packed with nutrients that boosts reproductive health & charge you with energy. It also enhances stamina & promotes a healthy life.
  • PERFORMANCE AND ENERGY POTION: An advanced formula of energy potion packed in capsules, the product boosts performance & energy. And it also supports muscle health.
  • BETTER STAMINA: Intake of Maca Root capsules on a daily basis may not only help enhance stamina but may also contribute towards increasing vitality and endurance.
  • SUPERFOOD FOR HEALTH: Maca Root is loaded with lots of nutrients including vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, protein & fiber. It serves an excellent superfood for health.
  • DAILY ENERGY & STAMINA BOOST: Maca Root is a potent herb rich in many significant vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin C, Copper, and Iron. It supports muscle health, elevates energy, and improves sports performance.
  • SUPPORT TO WOMEN: Oxin Maca Root Capsules Provide Relief from menopause symptoms. It balances the levels of estrogen in women, eases hot flashes, manages mood swings and irritability. A potent ingredient to remain calm and healthy during menopause.

THE MACA ROOT:  Maca root is a natural ingredient that comes from the maca plant. The roots are known to be rich in nutrients and high in antioxidants which may contribute towards a healthy body. The 16 again maca root supplement is a pure maca root extract which contains high concentrations of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin C, iron, potassium, and copper.





Take 1 or 2 Servings or As Directed by your Dietician


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Store in Cool and Dry Place
Store away from Direct Sunlight
Keep away from Children 


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