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Oxin Nutrition® Shilajit GOLD 60% Fulvic Acid Highest Content HQ High Quality

Oxin Nutrition® Shilajit GOLD 60% Fulvic Acid Highest Content HQ High Quality

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WHAT IS SHILAJIT? Shilajit, also known as mineral pitch, usually grows in the mountainous regions. In India, it is the Himalayan mountain ranges that are a pristine source of this product and that is exactly where Himalayan Shilajit extract is procured from. Extreme conditions in the mountains preserve the nutrients of Shilajit in the Himalayas thereby making it one of the purest Shilajit you can find. It is a rich source of fulvic acid and minerals that can help you stay energized.

60% FULVIC ACID: Shilajit contains more than 80 minerals in ionic form, predominantly known for fulvic acid. Higher the percentage of fulvic acid. It is free from heavy metal contamination & has a very high percentage of fulvic acid ( >60 %). Shilajit contains many nutrients that fall into biological and geological categories. Therefore it needs to be clarified if it is exclusively biological or geological. Fulvic acid, humic acids, and dibenzo alpha pyrones are some of the nutrients found in them.

Shilajit Benefits For Men:

Shilajit, a potent natural substance, has gained popularity for its remarkable health benefits, especially for men. Shilajit benefits for males are extensive and encompass various aspects of well-being. This unique Oxin Shilajit Gold, sourced from the Himalayan mountains, is renowned for its rich mineral composition and bioactive compounds. Notably, one of the key benefits of shilajit for men is its potential to enhance stamina and energy levels, making it a sought-after supplement for those looking to boost their physical performance.

Performance, Stamina & Vigor:  Shilajit is known for its ability to boost overall energy levels and stamina, which can contribute to improved physical performance. Shilajit Boosts Vitality and Vigour to a greater extent.

Immune Function: Shilajit has immune-boosting properties that support the body's natural defenses, potentially contributing to overall well-being and vitality, including intimate health.

The advantages of  Oxin Shilajit Gold extend to its ability to support -

The male reproductive system, promoting fertility and overall sexual health.

Increase Sperm Count

Shilajit is phenomenal since one of its benefits for men is that it boosts sperm count.

The sperm quality and count are both enhanced with regular Shilajit pill usage.

Shilajit can raise sperm production by roughly 62 per cent. It also cures impotence.

Improves The Motility Of Sperm: The Oxin Shilajit Gold capsule can increase sperm motility by up to 50%. It increases a person's fertility and general sexual health as well.

Increases Testosterone Levels: Increases testosterone levels. Men may further battle hair loss, exhaustion, and obesity. The Shilajit pill dramatically raised testosterone levels.

Reduces Stress: Another shilajit benefit for men is that it eases the body. It has natural minerals and vitamins such as zinc, magnesium, and potassium that ease muscle tension Relieve stress and support mental health. Using a Shilajit capsule will help you if you're feeling anxious.

Shilajit Benefits For Women:

Ageing: Fulvic acid, one of the main ingredients in shilajit, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. As a result, it might aid in lowering the body's levels of free radicals and cellular damage—two critical aspects of ageing. Shilajit supplementation daily may help some people live longer and age more slowly.

Periods: Shilajit has many advantages for women, one of which is that it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle. Shilajit is essential for regulating hormones, particularly those that affect female reproduction. These hormones, essentially connected to the female menstrual cycle, include estrogen and progesterone. It helps to ease the discomfort and cramps associated with menstruation.

MENOPAUSE: Due to estrogen shortage during the menopausal stage, women have lower bone density. Shilajit helps to reduce the symptoms of menopause by enhancing bone density and structure.

Boosts Women's Fertility Cycle:  irregularities and several other physiological issues and diseases might affect fertility. One of the shilajit benefits for females is that it promotes female reproductive health and aids in regulating periods. Shilajit also leads to a rise in haemoglobin levels, which promotes nutrition and oxygen delivery to the reproductive organs and enhances uterine health. Shilajit increases a woman's libido and fertility.

Fights Anaemia & Iron Deficiency: It can increase a woman's body's iron levels, increasing the number of red blood cells in her blood. So, it can aid in the prevention of iron deficiency symptoms and promote female well-being. Given that women lose blood each month during their periods, they are more likely to develop anaemia and iron deficiency. Low levels of red blood cells in the blood, known as anaemia, can lead to a number of physiological issues, including weakness and weariness.

Common Benefits of Shilajit

Brain Activity: Shilajit has a variety of chemicals that may support healthy brain function and perhaps help with Alzheimer's treatment. Shilajit has historically been used to extend life and delay ageing. Its constituents may aid in the management of cognitive illnesses like Alzheimer's.

Boosts The Quality Of Hair: Shilajit improves your hair quality. It has beneficial elements for strengthening and shining hair. Including sulfur, fulvic acid, zinc, and magnesium. Women who are zinc deficient are more likely to experience damaged hair protein structure and poor hair quality.

Obesity: Having excess weight can wear out your muscles and strain your bones. According to a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, those who took a shilajit supplement and were fat responded to exercise better than those who did not. According to research, the shilajit appeared to trigger genes that aided the skeletal muscles in fast adapting to the new activity. Over time, this can result in decreased fatigue and increased strength.


Take 1 or 2 Servings or As Directed by your Dietician


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Store in Cool and Dry Place
Store away from Direct Sunlight
Keep away from Children 


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