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Oxin Nutrition

Oxin® Nutrition Multi-Vit Capsules

Oxin® Nutrition Multi-Vit Capsules

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VITAMIN B1: Lack of vitamin B1 is one reason for uneven cardiac function. Improves memory. Getting enough thiamine can help improve concentration and memory. Because of its positive effect on attitude and brain function, it is also known as a "morale vitamin".
VITAMIN B2: Vitamin B2 supports your growth and development, including helping your body create energy from the food you eat. Symptoms of a deficiency may include skin disorders and hair loss
VITAMIN B3: Symptoms include confusion and cracks along the sides of the mouth. Vitamin B3, also called niacin, helps convert food into energy. It also aids in proper digestion and healthy appetite, and is important for cell development. A lack of niacin can cause digestive issues, such as nausea and abdominal cramps.
VITAMIN B4: include promotion of cell formation and ensuring healthy tissue development. Adenine helps boost the immune system function, hence increasing the body’s resistance to infections and illness in general.
VITAMIN B5: Vitamin B5, also known as Panthenol or Pantothenic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential nutrient vital for maintaining good health. It is naturally found in both plant and animal food sources. Vitamin B5 plays a vital role in making coenzyme A as well as in metabolizing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
VITAMIN B6: Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is a water-soluble vitamin that your body needs for several functions. It has health benefits for the body, including promoting brain health and improving mood
VITAMIN B9:  Vitamin B9 or folic acid is pivotal for making red blood cells, helping in rapid cell division and growth, synthesis of RNA and DNA and enhancing brain activities. It holds high significance in maintaining the growth and replication of cells and tissues during the growing years such as during pregnancy, infancy, childhood and adolescence.
VITAMIN B12: Adequate vitamin B12 levels may support your bone health. 
VITAMIN A:  Vitamin A for treating vitamin A deficiency. It is also used for aging skin, acne, cataracts, child development, infections, and many other conditions. 
VITAMIN C: It boosts immunity, improves heart health, bolsters iron absorption, and much more.
VITAMIN D3: Vitamin D3 is used in the treatment of Vitamin D deficiency and osteoporosis. Vitamin D3 is a form of vitamin D. It raises vitamin D levels in your blood. This in turn raises calcium levels in your blood by helping you absorb more calcium from food
VITAMIN E:  helps reduce the time it takes for wounds to heal. Topically vitamin E is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, It is also used to promote collagen production.
MINERALS: Minerals are organic compounds found in nature, which helps in the growth of the human body. Minerals are essential for the human body to work properly. Deficiency of minerals leads to several disorders. Helps in the regulation of blood pressure and blood volume. It also helps in the proper functioning of nerves and muscles
BIOTIN: Biotin boosts the health of the hair and nails, supports a healthy pregnancy, and helps manage blood sugar levels
KOREAN GINSENG EXTRACT:  Ginseng has been used for improving overall health. It has also been used to strengthen the immune system and help fight off stress and disease
ENHANCES IMMUNITY & FOCUS: These multivitamin tablets contain Ginseng which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It promotes immunity, focus, concentration & alertness
IMMUNITY BOOSTER: It Supports The Immune System To Fight Off Infections.
THE MULTI-VIT: Oxin Nutrition Multi-Vit Capsules are formulated for a healthy life style and improved health. A nutritional supplement, it helps restore vitamin and mineral levels in the body, fighting fatigue and promoting well-being. This capsule offers comprehensive care for comprehensive health.


Take 1 or 2 Servings or As Directed by your Dietician


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Store in Cool and Dry Place
Store away from Direct Sunlight
Keep away from Children 


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